Benjamin Johns

Developer of Mobile and Backend Software,Maker of Games,Grizzled Proprietor at the Ottery Bar,Thinks He's Funny,Real Handsome Guy


I'm a guy in Los Angeles who develops software (mostly games, web backends, and mobile applications).

And if you're on this page you probably just want my resume and some basic information, so that's what's here. Keep scrolling. You're almost there.

Ottery Bar is my company for new games and experimental projects. I like otters, even tipsy ones.


You can download a PDF of my resume right here, or hit my LinkedIn for an exhaustive history of stuff I've worked on.

Here are some highlights:

Stuff I've Worked On


I often do contract dev work, so long as I don't have to relocate out of Los Angeles. Plus, I'm just a nice guy. Get in touch if you like.